In 2010, Journeyman is being broadcast on PBS member stations across the USA as part of our global mission to inspire 5,000 men to become mentors.  There will be a large spike of broadcasts nationwide during January, 2011—National Mentoring Month. During the broadcast campaign, The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) will be responsible for referring all interested candidates to be mentors and mentees. For more information on MENTOR, go to www.mentoring.org. For more information on the Boys to Men Mentoring Network go to www.boystomen.org.

MirrorMan Films needs your tax-deductible donation to complete our national mentoring awareness and recruitment campaign. The Independent Feature Project of Minnesota has agreed to act as nonprofit fiscal agent for our film. To contribute, go to http://www.ifpmn.org and click on "Donate."  When you get to the screen that asks you which project you’re supporting, simply type in “Journeyman.”
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"Journeyman" follows Joe and Mike, two teenage boys from diverse backgrounds who struggle with depression and violence, both of whom are in dire need of support and guidance from adult males. In a mentoring program, they face challenging rites of passage, discover their inner strength, and learn to engage with a community of supportive men.


The film introduces us to the boys' families, and recounts their childhood experiences without fathers in their lives. Michael Gurian (The Wonder of Boys), Dr. Michael Obsatz (Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World) and Dr. Barbara Coloroso (Kids are Worth It) examine the negative stereotypes of boys that reinforce their isolation from the larger male culture.

Finding the inner wildman

The boys go into the woods on a Wilderness Awareness retreat with the Boys to Men mentoring organization. Dr. David Walsh (Selling Out America's Children) addresses the effects of media addiction on family relationships and developmental psychology.

Then, Mike and Joe and their mentors take part in a "Rites of Passage" weekend, a transformative series of emotional challenges that the boys face to mark the beginning of their transition to manhood.

Meanwhile, the boys' mentors, Marty and Dennis, find themselves on an emotional journey of their own to face unresolved issues from childhood that are brought to the surface by their interactions with their mentees.

Through these stories, "Journeyman" examines an emotional and social crisis made evident in American culture by chronic gang violence and academic failure among America's teenage boys.


Rites of Passage Scene

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